The Advantages of an Aluminium Garage Door

Man’s hand holding a remote control aimed at a modern garage door

In past years, many Australian homes used steel for their garage doors. However, these days you’ll find a lot of homeowners and renovators turning to aluminium as their material of choice. So, which material is right for you?

Today, we’ll look at some of the advantages aluminium offers, providing you with a bit more information so you can make the right choice when finding a garage door for your home.

Attractive, Stylish Garage Doors

A high-quality aluminium garage door from a reputable manufacturer will add stylish street appeal to the front of your home.

Aluminium garage door frames can be easily customised to complement the unique aesthetics of your home and reflect your design style.
So whether you're looking to sell, renovate, or you're just house proud; an aluminium is fantastically stylish.

A Choice of Custom Colours and Finishes

Aluminium frames can either be powder-coated or treated with a wood-like finish to give the appearance of the ever-popular cedar.

Adding Strength and Security to Your Home

Aluminium garage doors add a level of security to your home against thieves, as well as providing excellent protection from extreme weather.

Many aluminium doors are stronger than steel, ensuring greater resistance against attempts at forced entry. With Western Australia renowned for its wild summer storms and high winds, you’ll also want to protect your car and the contents of your garage with this durable and reliable material.

Perth’s Experts in Garage Doors

For aluminium garage doors in Perth and surrounding areas, look no further than Designer Garage Doors – a family owned and operated company, offering clients more than 20 years of experience in the industry and a wide range of high-quality aluminium garage doors.

Your custom garage doors will be manufactured on-site, here in Western Australia. The friendly and qualified team also offers garage door services and repairs to keep your aluminium doors in good working order.

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